How to make relatively cheap, DIY comic dividers

Last September, I started bagging, boarding, boxing, and organizing my comic collection. Acquiring the bags, boards, and boxes was a fairly cheap and easy venture (my local comic shop has reasonable prices for all three). Once I acquired those items, I began my quest. Over the span of a few weeks and a few hours a night, I finished the task, and the result was a nice, clean, and organized comic collection placed in alphabetical order. The only downside was, I wrote the name of the comics on post-its and stuck them on the plastic bag of the first issue I have of that series. This was the only solution I could come up with to keep them separated, and It was a fairly ugly blemish on a task that resulted in such organized beauty.

I left my collection alone until February this year, thinking that I would eventually buy some nice dividers. I really didn’t think they would be that expensive (silly me). I started looking into buying said dividers, and I was somewhat appalled by the price. The price for 72 dividers per pack ranged from $30-$60, and I knew I would need a lot more than 72 (269 different series exactly). I really didn’t want to drop $120-$240 on dividers, that’s a big chunk of change, and my collection wasn’t that desperate for the division.

So, I started looking for alternative solutions, and I found some information on some comic collecting sites. One of those ideas consisted of using file folders, scissors, and some plastic index tabs, and it seemed quite tedious. I didn’t want to go through that much effort. I kept trying to find a solution I liked and something that was easy; nothing was working. Until I discovered these, some people on sites talked about how they use comic boards for dividers, and it got me thinking I could create some kick-ass dividers using the post-it tabs and some comic boards. So, I went forth with that idea, and it worked great. Here’s how I did it.


Post-it Filing tabs: average price $4.00, I got mine at Target.
Comic boards: average price of $7.99-$14.99, I got mine for $9.00 for 100. And, of course, your pen of choice (not pictured).


I like to add the publisher’s name to the tab to help separate the titles of the same name by different publishers.

Write the name of the series or comic on the filing tab and place it on the board evenly across the top and in your preferred placement (I staggered mine from left to right on every other board). Repeat these steps until you’re done.


This is an image of my overflow/non-cataloged comics, so nothing is in alphabetical order in this box. But it gives you an idea of the finished product.

I didn’t go this route, but you could probably color code your books by series or publisher using the different color tabs if you’re feeling up to it. I ended up just using the next one on the sheet until they were gone. The great thing about having this system in place is that it makes it super easy to add tabs to a new series added into my collection. When that happens, I grab a tab and a board, and voilà, instant divider. The entire process took me about 3-4 hours for my collection, and it’s well worth it.

If you’re not crazy about the tabs’ full-bleed color versions, they have alternate versions herehere, and here. I should also mention that since they’re plastic, I’m almost certain you could reuse them (if needed) by wiping the ink off with some rubbing alcohol. I messed up a tab in my quest for organization, and when I wiped the ink off with water, it smeared. This led me to believe that a pinch of rubbing alcohol could work—I haven’t actually tried it, though. They can also be re-purposed, which helps you mess up when placing the tab on the board.

I hope this helps someone or anyone out there who might be looking for a similar solution. If you like this idea or try it, let me know and share the love.


    1. There’s no way you actually put this weirdo neckbeard basement shit comment about how aesthetically disproportionate DIY tabs are on a post about saving comic book collectors money…

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